Parent’s Reviews

“Our son has been privileged to receive dance instruction from Blanca over the past 5 years.  Her commitment to teaching and dedication to her students is evident in everything that she does.  Our son has thrived in the learning environment she provides for her students.  Blanca has mentored our son from beginning ballet through to his current pre-professional status, providing encouragement, correction and praise accordingly to foster his talent and advance his training.  As a direct result of her careful and thorough instruction, our son has excelled, resulting in acceptances to several prestigious ballet schools abroad, including Royal Ballet London and Paris Opera School.  Her enthusiasm for dance ignited a passion in our son for the love of dance, which has motivated him to pursue ballet professionally.  Blanca has set our son up for a successful career in dance, and we couldn’t be more grateful. “–                                —–Dr. Lucille Ferrante and Bruce Wissinger

“I want to take the opportunity to thank Blanca for all the help she has given my daughter Gabriela. My daughter had the chance to participate in a Master Class taught in Puerto Rico and after she participated in the Summer Intensive at Dance Elite in Horsham, PA. She has constituted a very important part of my daughter’s development…Her corrections have been very useful and her teaching methods are excellent…Thank you, Blanca, for your passion, your commitment…”– Debora Francia

“My daughter has danced with Blanca for the past 3 years at Pennsylvania Ballet Arts. Our experience with Blanca has been overwhelmingly positive. She is a talented dancer and an equally talented instructor. Blanca teaches with positive feedback. She never yells at her students. She has high expectations and pushes her students to do their best. Blanca communicates well with parents both in person and through email. She is up to date in her field of study and continually shares her knowledge of all aspects of dance. I would highly recommend her without reservation. She is the best!!!”  –Dominica Lumb

“Miss Blanca gave our four year old daughter a far better first experience with ballet than we could have hoped for- she offered a personable and warm teaching environment, one where excellence was always taught, and yet fun was still had by all.  She is brilliant in both her craft and at engaging her students, and helped my daughter grow leaps and bounds in confidence!”  –Cheryl Keifer

“… your approach has always given Julia something to look up/forward to — she sees the older girls performing and wants to work hard so that she gets to their level as well.  I’ve also been impressed with the opportunities you’ve been able to give your students — being able to take the ABT exams and show that proficiency is really wonderful.” –Rebecca Klein

“My 6-year-old daughter is in her second year of ballet, and thanks to Miss Blanca, she absolutely loves it!  Blanca teaches with such grace and professionalism, and at the same time, she creates a warm, nurturing environment for the children in the class.  I love how she teaches based on the ABT curriculum, and the progress my daughter has made in such a short time is amazing. Blanca is an exceptional teacher.”– Kristin Listner

“I would like to thank you for your patience and passion for the art of dance. My daughter sees you as an inspiration, she loves dance and she relates dance with Miss Blanca! My daughter improved her technique tremendously in the two years that she attended to your school, she is more confident and she can’t wait to go on pointe to be a great ballerina just like you. Thank you so much for inspiring my daughter to be the best that she can be. “–Sandy Matos